Plane Rental at Lake of The Ozarks

If you already have your license and just need a plane rental, we can help you out. Save time and money on a business trip, or take time to relax on a short getaway. Maybe you would like to create your own scenic flight for family or friends.

After presenting proof of license and a short insurance-required check ride, you’re on your way to your destination. You’ll find our planes are in excellent condition due to our rigorous maintenance plan and the planes being hangared each night.


  • 1977 Cessna 172N
  • Engine overhaul March 2012
  • 4-place intercom
  • IFR with KX 155 Glideslope
  • Touch Screen Moving Map GPS

Plane Rental Rate
$115 per hour wet (includes fuel & oil)
$5/hour discount for block purchase
Does not include sales tax


  • 1978 Cessna 172N
  • 180 HP conversion (120 knot airspeed)
  • Engine overhaul Feb. 2011
  • 4-place intercom
  • IFR certified
  • Garmin 430 GPS

Plane Rental Rate
$125 per hour wet (includes fuel & oil)
$5/hour discount for block purchase
Does not include sales tax

Cessna R-172-K Hawk XP II
  • 130 knot cruise speed
  • New avionics coming summer 2017
  • Insurance check out required
  • 195 HP constant speed propeller
  • 135/hour wet

Cessna 210

  • 185.00 @ hour wet
  • Requires Instructor check out
  • 25 hours in type
  • 153 knot cruise

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Aircraft Maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our Cessna 172 aircrafts are four-seat, single-engine airplanes with four-place intercom systems. The Cessna 172 is an excellent, proven  airplane. Its high-wing design is perfect for sightseeing, and its sturdiness and forgiveness is ideal for any flight instruction.

We comply with the FAA’s rigorous maintenance requirements for commercial and instructional operations. Our maintenance plan includes inspections every 100 flight hours and complete engine tear-down every 2000 flight hours.

Aircraft maintenance is something we take very seriously. Our planes are maintained by Lake Aviation Center Maintenance Department. Lake Aviation Center has over 30 years of experience and a reputation of doing things right and complying with all FAA standards.

The full service maintenance department ensures the planes remain in safe operating condition. Our certified IA and A&P mechanics are continuously inspecting the airplanes to catch problems before they occur.